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Understanding Behaviour and Responding Safely  Notes:

Connects to PB4L and reinforcing positive and desired behavior. Understanding ourselves to see what our triggers as teachers are. This will help us manage our reactions to certain behaviors.Looking at what stress does to us. We want to understand the difference between Responsive (Rational/ Constructive) vs Reaction. We want to calm ourselves so that we can react in an appropriate way.Ways of responding to stress. Students may respond in an Active (Run, Throw, Fight) OR Passive (Freeze, Hide, Stop responding).Relationships with students are extremely important Non Verbal support- Calm, in control, attentive, interested, empathetic.Emotional Stages (Ready to learn, Out of sorts, Escalating, Out of control, Calming down) Teaching and practicing calm down strategies. Getting students to recognize the signals for themselves. 

So what?

I want to create a PB4L lesson around how to respond when we are upset/ angry. It will be important for…

Science PD (Stem) with Susan Heeps

Science PD 
Our first session for our science PD was extremely successful. These are my notes below with some big ideas that I will be taking into my classroom. It was a huge benefit to have science experiments modeled to use which helped me understand how they would work in my classroom. 
STEM  (Science, technology -tools,  engineering, mathematics)  Science - Natural/ Physical World Engineer - Made world

Ice Ice Baby Experiment

The ice experiment involved us numbering tasks in any order. Susan then rolled a dice and we did that number for 30seconds with a piece of ice. The winning group was the one whos ice completely melted first. After doing the experience, I immediately wondered how the other group has won.

They are naturally thinking which action will produce the most amount of change.  Science is about change Focus on science - not we are not going to write about this- think about scientists recording/ analyzing, gathering data.  Science thinking and observing (5 sens…

Mentoring 2018

This year will be my first year mentoring a new beginning teacher. This is her first job out of university, she will be going into a Year 4, 1:1 digital classroom. To prepare myself for the role of 'mentor' I have done some professional readings to enable myself, to give my BT the best start possible to ensure her success. 
"Apparently some of the high-priority needs of beginner teachers are classroom management, motivating students, differentiating student learning, problems and needs, assessing student progress, interaction with colleagues and parents, receiving appropriate advice on school culture, goals and instructional resources, using effective instructional strategies or methods and emotional support (Veenman, 1984; Gordon & Maxey, 2000; Senom & Shahratol, 2013). At some circumstances, even with some efforts, beginner teachers still feel isolated and hope for individualized precise support to survive the early years (Lunenburg, 2011). Literatures point out that th…