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Manaiakalani Intensive Session Four

Today's session was around sharing to learn, Chromebooks  (Screen castify) and Ipads (explain everything).  Dorothy discussed that sharing is not the end of the learning. We share to get further feedback to promote further learning; specific and focused feedback is "one of the most powerful influences of achievement" according to John Hattie (2009). Sharing also enables others to learn from our learning. TheManaiakalani pedagogy focuses on learning being; rewindable, visible, transparent, personalised and accessible. My goal this term has been around making the learning in my classroom rewindable; I have created online modelling books where students can refer to examples, learning intentions and success criteria. In my class, most students refer to modelling books every day, to either check what they need to be doing or to assess themselves against the success criteria. I am wanting to take this rewindable learning further and record lessons so that students can revisit …

Manaiakalani Digital Intensive Session three

Manaiakalani Digital Intensive Session Three
This week we looked at google mail, google calendar, google keep, google hangout and quicktime player.

The sharing of the Manaiakalani pedagogy around the term ‘creating’, made me wonder “am I allowing my students enough opportunities to create", and “Am I planning for creativity”?. I think this could be a focus for me over the next few weeks as I think I could be allowing for more opportunities. Ideas like giving students the opportunity to create drawings, videos, recordings .. etc. To find examples of creativity I am going to look at the creativity empowers learning link and gather some ideas. One idea I had last week after our Kootuitui staff meeting was to create stop motions so the students could create a scene demonstrating their learning and understanding of the water cycle/ or severe weather (Our focus last week). I am hoping to implement this next week or in week 5 (Time dependant).
Google keep is a great google app that will s…

Maths Programme

For the last year I have been running my Maths programme around a structure called the 'Daily 3'. It has been one of my most effective and successful curriculum areas. The approach focuses on giving the students the opportunity to work on Maths in three different way; Maths by yourself, Maths with a buddy and Maths with a group. Each area focuses on building particular skills around the Maths curriculum e.g problem solving, communicating using mathematical vocabulary. Each week students are given number knowledge questions to complete independently and strategy questions that focus on the stratgies they are learning in workshops. I have seen a huge improvement with how the students are communicating about maths and their response to our maths sessions. Student engagement is at a high during maths times. The success of my program can be identified through the structure and maths workshops I take. Each student will attend 2-3 workshops a week to focus on gaps in their learning-…

Digital Intensive Session Two

Todays 'Digital Intensive Session' focused on google sheets and google forms. I have attached below both my google form and map to share my learning. The session helped enhance my knowledge in google spreadsheets and gave me tips on how to save a lot of time such as dragging down to automatically formulate numbers/ days of the week etc. I am going to try and create a spreadsheet for my student data as I now know how to calculate the average results, and condition the formatting to focus on a particular set of data. I saw google forms as a helpful app to gather whanau and/ or student voice. In particular I am going to use google forms in Parent interviews to gather more information on my students and how the parents view their learning- this will help direct my teaching focus. For my writing inquiry I want to use google forms to gather student voice- I could put the data into a google spreadsheet and track my student voice over the term to show progress and improvement. 


Manaiakalani Intensive - Session Week 1

Session One (5th May 2017) Learn Today’s session focused on exploring google docs, google extensions/ add ons, harper teacher dashboard. Here are the notes below.

Main goals of Manaiakalani: Was to motivate learners to engage with the curriculum. Create an authentic audience (more than just the teacher) Personal voice is valued and powerful Raise achievement outcomes

Lead teachers of Manaiakalani achievement was observed. (Large shift in N.S results 2010 compared to ‘normal’ classes not using the learn create share philosophy.)

-Internet into students homes??? Kotuitui -Whanau- need to be active partners- Could we do a whanau/student- chromebook share? On top of what G. is doing?? -Could the students take part and present as part of next years induction?/ could students present what and how the chromebooks can be used for? -How can whanau support their students at home?( Is this monitored?) - School collaboration - Primary/ College. -Parents can constantly view students work. -Purpose of th…