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Intensive Session 8

Todays session started by talking about empowerment. Dorothy discussed the idea that a digital device is not just a tool it should be used to empower students. It made me think about empowerment in my classroom. I thought about the choices I give by students and how I could give their more choice to empower them to drive their own learning. This connects well with my goals around inquiry learning which I am going to be focusing on over the next few weeks and into Term 3.  I want my students to be able to choose what they want to learn and how they want to present their learning. I also want to move into more of a facilitator role opposed to a directive role. I am going to be doing this by using an inquiry model to help direct myself and my students; as a result, students will be empowered through their ability to choose their learning focus. 
Empowerment is learner centered, future focused and personalized- which all tie in with Inquiry learning. 

New Google Sites. I also had a go at l…

Writing Professional Development

Over the last year, our school has been receiving professional development around writing from Team Solutions. Our facilitator Anna meets with us twice a term and works with us to improve our writing program and teaching. 
My Teaching as inquiry this term has been around 'allowing for targeted independent learning that will result in my student's academic learning to increase”. I have focused on what my students are doing away from workshops during their independent writing time (Last years results showed that my targeted workshops had shown an increase in student achievement - with a large increase of students meeting the National Standard compared to that of the year prior- so I wanted, to start a new focus).
Last year I saw improvement in my writing program through the following; Gaining student engagement through; Langaugeexperiences,  Curriculum Integration and students ideas. Having a close link between Reading and Writing - Allowing both curriculum areas to drive each ot…

Class Sites and Digital Intensive Session Seven

We have been discussing class sites and what makes a 'great site'. The class site within Manaiakalani and outreach schools is used for students to assess their learning. In today's digital classroom it is extremely important that learning is visible, accessible and rewindable. As a group, we came up with key ideas that we believe make a great site not only for students but whanau and other teachers within the community. What makes a great site?
Visual User Experience Exciting Engaging Using space effectively Keep it looking basic, not busy Following conventional layout rules e.g. white spaces Commonality- Reading/Writing/Maths Themed
Logical Interconnected pages Engaging (resources) Learning is easy to find Main elements are obvious- landing page has important info Consistency Visibility
After reflecting on my class site, I can see some improvements that I could make now and for my class site next year.  Ensuring that I use individual drawings would mean that each click would not result i…

Cybersmart and Google Sites

Manaiakalani Session Five
Fiona Grant came in and talked about the concept of 'Cybersmart' within the Manaiakalani program. It is important to empower out students and elevate positive actions when teaching them about being cyber smart. The Kawa of Care motto "Right place at the right time" has been a focus in my classroom and it actually made me think about my response when students are on the wrong tasks- a reminder of the "right place at the right time" response may allow for a more positive interaction. We also talked allowing students to have access to Multimodal Learning (Writing, video, animation, Infographic, comic, podcast, Audio). We looked at the image below and discussed the benefits of using the four different types of text to cater to the needs of all students and allow them to be challenged and think deeper. I have already been thinking about my Reading Programme and have been wondering how to allow my students to go deeper into the text. U…