Monday, 23 October 2017

Writing Lesson

Writing: Describing a scene. 
Model: School Journal Part 1 No 5 2007. The alien under the stairs.
WALT- Use language features to make our writing more effective. 
Success Criteria: 
- Alliteration 

Students identified what they thought was interesting in the model. - They have their reader hats on. 

All students managed to identify something in the text they thought was a language feature or descriptive language. 

Getting students to talk to a buddy and explain why they highlighted what they did encourages students to think about why they choose that particular sentence or word. This helps students discover what they need to be including in their writing and why it is important. (Allows the co-construction of the success criteria to be very clear) 

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Term 4 Classroom Culture

Last term was an extremely challenging term with students behavior in my classroom, and the school. Although my classroom was heavily influenced by PB4L lessons, I needed more. This term as a school we are going to be teaching the 'Kia Kaha' programme. This programme along with the PB4L strategies a the d lesson should help develop a more effective and caring classroom environment. 

Key points for Term 4 

Learning- Is stimulating for students- texts and topics allow for student engagement and participation 

Kia Kaha will focus on developing students ability to show empathy, understand how others might feel and prevent bullying. 

Reading texts/ Inquiry- Will focus on big ideas and themes around social skills. (Friendship, caring for others managing selves). 

Positive reinforcement through the house points. Perhaps winning house gets to choose an activity for the whole class at the end of the week. 

Class structure and routines will be kept the same to ensure that students know the expectations and routines.

Focusing on a restorative practice. Using the restorative practice script below to help encourage classroom problem solving

Circle time to address issues/ problems that students anonymously put into our kia kaha box- Will also help build a strong classroom culture. We are all in this together