Friday, 12 May 2017

Digital Intensive Session Two

Todays 'Digital Intensive Session' focused on google sheets and google forms. I have attached below both my google form and map to share my learning. The session helped enhance my knowledge in google spreadsheets and gave me tips on how to save a lot of time such as dragging down to automatically formulate numbers/ days of the week etc. I am going to try and create a spreadsheet for my student data as I now know how to calculate the average results, and condition the formatting to focus on a particular set of data. I saw google forms as a helpful app to gather whanau and/ or student voice. In particular I am going to use google forms in Parent interviews to gather more information on my students and how the parents view their learning- this will help direct my teaching focus. For my writing inquiry I want to use google forms to gather student voice- I could put the data into a google spreadsheet and track my student voice over the term to show progress and improvement. 


  1. Kia ora Rebecca,
    Great to see you can find an immediate application for your learning about forms and sheets. I find there are so many ways to use sheets. Have you tried importing data from one sheet to another so as to aggregate from different sheets?

    1. Now isn't that a helpful tip! Fabulous Maria :)

  2. hi miss spies good start on your matariki photo