Friday, 26 January 2018


Understanding Behaviour and Responding Safely 


  • Connects to PB4L and reinforcing positive and desired behavior. 
  • Understanding ourselves to see what our triggers as teachers are. 
  • This will help us manage our reactions to certain behaviors.
  • Looking at what stress does to us. 
  • We want to understand the difference between Responsive (Rational/ Constructive) vs Reaction. 
  • We want to calm ourselves so that we can react in an appropriate way.
  • Ways of responding to stress. Students may respond in an Active (Run, Throw, Fight) OR Passive (Freeze, Hide, Stop responding).
  • Relationships with students are extremely important Non Verbal support- Calm, in control, attentive, interested, empathetic.
  • Emotional Stages (Ready to learn, Out of sorts, Escalating, Out of control, Calming down) 
  • Teaching and practicing calm down strategies. 
  • Getting students to recognize the signals for themselves. 

So what?

I want to create a PB4L lesson around how to respond when we are upset/ angry. It will be important for students to know how their bodies react to stress and what they can do in class to help them.
- Calm down bench (Outside)
- I feel____ sheet- Get that ready in class (Come in when calm and then place sheet on table so Miss Spies knows).

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