Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Science PD (Stem) with Susan Heeps

Science PD 

Our first session for our science PD was extremely successful. These are my notes below with some big ideas that I will be taking into my classroom. It was a huge benefit to have science experiments modeled to use which helped me understand how they would work in my classroom. 

(Science, technology -tools,  engineering, mathematics) 
Science - Natural/ Physical World
Engineer - Made world

Ice Ice Baby Experiment

The ice experiment involved us numbering tasks in any order. Susan then rolled a dice and we did that number for 30seconds with a piece of ice. The winning group was the one whos ice completely melted first. After doing the experience, I immediately wondered how the other group has won.

They are naturally thinking which action will produce the most amount of change. 
Science is about change
Focus on science - not we are not going to write about this- think about scientists recording/ analyzing, gathering data. 
Science thinking and observing (5 sense need to be used) 
Use vocab after the first experiment
Positioning - Side view/ bird's eye view
"we are doing it again in intervals of 30 seconds"
"which one are you going to repeat"?

Ant learning 
Draw an ant- what do you think it looks like?
Label your ant
Collaborate- Share with others contribute to the group 
Explore the unknown - Look at expert pictures 
What do you notice?
Compare and contrast
Do you need to change your diagram? 
Video of Ants counting - Questions? 
Revisit video / Review / Reflect (Do this with all work) 

Unpack videos and enrich the student's vocabulary. 
How scientists work. - Many different kinds of scientist 

Connecting the Curriculum
Actively involved
Lifelong learners 

Key ideas: 
Doing- then the big ideas. 
Get the meaning out of doing.
Understanding we are learners 
This year I am going to provide a library of experiments
Science- A way of knowing - Explanations generated based on evidence that can change over time. My job is driving their awe and wonder.
Look into:  

I will be doing the ice experiment with my class and seeing what sort of questions arise. I am also wanting to think how I can technology to enhance this lesson..

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