Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Kootuitui Data 2017 - Park Estate School Analayis of Data

Kootuitui Data 2017 - Park Estate School Analayis of Data.

We looked at the Data collected by Wolf fisher. We discussed how the data connected to what we are actually doing in our school and what we want to be happening in our school...

My thoughts and goals for next year....

Teacher created texts: Perhaps not using only slides. I want my students to be looking at many texts and gathering information for a purpose. At the moment, there is a focus on a teach created slide and them answering specific teacher-generated questions.

Teaching our students to become digital citizens- Giving them resources to build critical literacy skills. (e.g.  using logic or reasoning, identifying more or less trustworthy sources). 

Feedback for students- Wanting to move more towards generative feedback opposed to evaluative feedback which I am guilty of doing often. Next year I am wanting to use learning goals that are evaluated one-on-one with students every few weeks to allow more learning discussions to take place.

Mathematical skills - Through an inquiry. ( DLO- for students to use their skills in Maths) Link to inquiry real life example. Rich discussions - explaining our thinking and solving real-life problems.

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