Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Science Observation and PD Lesson


Big idea - Change 

Date the work (Time, duration) Underline because it's significant. It's important to teach the scientific practice. 

How scientists communicate. 
When we are doing things we have to communicate (talk, questioning, drawing- this drawing is a model or a representation) 

Re- present something.

Ice with air/ Ice with water/ Ice with oil 

Use senses- collect data- use our prior knowledge and draw conclusions/ make connections. 

Different angles and perspectives are important (Bird's eye view, side view) in this lesson to help students gather more data. 

Try and link other curriculum areas. Time, shape,... etc shows students purpose.
Big Idea-
- Go outside and lie under the trees
- Draw a picture of a leaf from memory
- Think about the structure/ shape/ edges/ patterns
- Go get a leaf- Explain how it was different.
- Observational drawing structure/ shape/ edges/ patterns
- Leaf rubbing (Art)
- Looking at different tree types
- A poem about leaves.

Productive questions-/
What makes you think that? Wheres your evidence
Build a culture of asking more questions OR

Communicate- capture- Revist. What was going on here? What were we trying to find out? What was the equipment we used? Talk to your group. Why it happened?

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